Welcome to Scaling Culture Masterclass! 

Module 1: Create & Activate Core Values

  • How to create core values

  • How to activate and bring core values to life

  • How to ingrain core values in the day-to-day

  • How to incorporate core values in key documentation

  • How to scale core values

Module 2: Culture-Driven Screening and Onboarding 

  • How to attract and hire staff who are aligned with your culture
  • How to screen for people that will add to your team’s culture and purpose
  • How to identify culture attributes to build innovative recruitment strategy
  • How to get a return on investment from the interview process
  • How to create and scale a culture-driven onboarding

Building Relationships

  • The foundation of all relationships
  • Strategies to build and maintain relationships
  • How to prepare for a meeting or touch conversation
  • Key roadblocks that will detract from you building relationships with someone
  • Relationship Do’s and Don’ts
  • How to scale relationships building across the organization


  • Difference between coaching and motivating
  • Key coaching skills and tactics
  • How to prepare and execute a coaching session
  • How to effectively coach and be coached
  • Coaching mistakes and opportunities
  • When to coach and signs of great coaching
  • Strategies to scale coaching across your organization

Operating as a Team

  • Innovative tactics to elevate the team
  • How to drive autonomy within your team
  • Best practices to get the most out of meetings
  • The most important meeting a leader can implement - a daily huddle
  • How to run effective operational meetings
  • The value of implementing internal peer groups
  • How to exit a team member
  • How to scale “Operating as a Team”

Organisational Alignment

  • The foundation of organizational alignment
  • Key components to create an alignment
  • Language and communication for alignment
  • How to run effective quarterly planning and strategy meetings
  • Themes and gamification as a tool to get everyone aligned
  • How to inspect if your organization is aligned
  • Tips on scaling organizational alignment

Change Management

  • The evolution of change
  • The change process
  • Tools to create change
  • How to effectively execute the change process
  • Tips on how to scale change within your organization

Learning & Innovation

  • How to create a culture of innovation and learning
  • Exercises to drive innovation
  • Framework for a culture of innovation
  • Roadblocks to watch out for
  • Role of the leader
  • How to scale innovation across your organization


Ron Lovett is a Canadian entrepreneur who successfully scaled his Halifax-based guard security company to over 3,500 staff across Canada. Ron’s leadership hallmarks of relentless learning, disrupting stale industries, fast action, and transforming staff into passionate stakeholders – inspired his first book Outrageous Empowerment in 2018.

He sold his security company to the largest provider in the US at a 24X multiple, and now focuses on his rapidly-expanding multi-family residential portfolio through Vida Living, whose purpose is to revolutionize affordable living across North America and plans to reach 10,000 units by 2027.

Ron is a globally sought-after professional speaker and thought leader in organizational culture, hosts an award-winning podcast and is releasing his next book and Masterclass called Scaling Culture in Winter/Spring 2022. He also helps clients solve people and culture challenges directly through his other company Connolly Owens.

Over the years Ron has been recognized with many awards for the success of Source Security & Investigations and his leadership within the region, including:

- BDC Young Entrepreneur Award
- (x5) Atlantic Business Magazine’s Top 50 CEO Award
- Junior Chamber International Outstanding Young Person Award
- Remy Martin Bold Five under 35
- Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist" (LinkedIn, 2021)

Scaling Culture Podcast

Join Ron as he interviews best-selling authors like Amy Edmondson, Frances Frei & world-class thought leaders from companies like Bank of America, Ford Motor Company, Deloitte, and Microsoft about all things organizational culture, focusing on key takeaways and action items listeners can put to use right away in their teams.

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Outrageous Empowerment: The Incredible Story Of Giving Employees Their Brains Back (2018)

Scaling Culture: How to Build and Sustain a Resilient, High-Performing Organization (2022)

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